Adaptation of the tenement house to the hotel

The aim of the study is to restore the splendor of the object, its modernization and introduction of a new function into the existing space. On the basis of the archival materials collected, it was decided to restore the former shape of the building, and the existing building will be converted into a hotel. The underground level -2 is intended for technical purposes, there is a boiler room, auxiliary technical rooms, storage rooms, office rooms and social facilities. Partially recessed in the area storey -1, it has entertainment functions - a bar, two bowling alleys, a spa center and kitchen facilities, which is connected to the ground floor, where there is a restaurant room. The entertainment part of the hotel has been designed in a way that allows it to be used by non-hotel guests. For this purpose, an existing entrance was used in the center of the left wing of the facility. On the edge of the left wing there is an existing entrance, used as a business entrance, thanks to which you can get to the spa part and the atrium designed stairs or a specially constructed elevator. The level of the main entrance / floor 0 / apart from the restaurant and reception part is entirely intended for the hotel function. On this floor, apartments, double rooms with kitchenettes have been designed and spacious bathrooms and a room for a disabled person. Communication on this storey was designed along the wall of the courtyard of the building, where the designed atrium with greenery will become an undoubted attraction and decoration. From the main hall there are two glass elevators with a view of the atrium. The upper floors + 1, + 2, + 3, it is a repeatable storey, they are only a hotel function, where double rooms and single rooms have been designed. The level of +4 in part is used for conference functions and office facilities of the facility. The new woven building is a glazed atrium, a fan-shaped roof.


Cubature 7500.00 m3
Usable area: 1731.70 m2