I started working as an architect with the knowledge that an educated architect should be a bright humanist and a talented artist, aware of his social responsibility, capable of independent architectural, building and urban design. Creating projects is not only about fulfilling aesthetic, technological and technical requirements, but first of all shaping the human environment in accordance with its functional, mental and biological needs. The combination of multilateral, mutual relations between people, but also buildings and the surrounding space, is the basic task of the architect.

When I working with an Investor, I always try to get to know his expectations, aesthetic preferences, lifestyle in the case of a house design, or the way of running a business, if it is a utility object. A good starting point for starting project work are also ideas, dreams or specific needs that an object should meet. In cooperation with the Investor I try to pay attention to the essential functional issues, I always suggest possible solutions. I realize that a good project is not only a lush architect's imagination, but also financial and courage of the Investor. I do not design objects for an anonymous recipient, I do not want to postpone the projects on the shelf and wait until there is a buyer who will match the building to their needs for the price of a well thought-out aesthetic effect or unfavorable disturbance of the functional system.