Kindergarten "Jeżykowa dolinka"

General description of the project and change of use:

The basement of a multi-family building comprehensively carries out the functions of a private kindergarten. It has a spacious cloakroom for fifty children. In the entrance hall there is an auxiliary place when dressing children. In front of the lobby there is a playroom with wide entrances, and thanks to this, a spacious room for movement games and special events was obtained. The facility has four department rooms with adjoining sanitary and hygienic teams. Two rooms belong to one department. In the immediate vicinity of the departmental rooms there is a teacher's room and the director's office.
However, in the immediate vicinity of the entrance, there was a toilet for guests and teaching staff. In the passage to the social room there is a wardrobe of outer clothes. The social room has a sink, a sink and a wardrobe to change personal clothes. In the technical part of the kindergarten, there is a spacious dining room prepared to serve the charges in two groups - younger children and older children. In the immediate vicinity of the dining room there is a kitchen sequence according to the kitchen technology project. In the vicinity of the dining room there is a children's toilet, so-called Emergency.

Kindergarten program
Ultimately, four branch groups were envisaged
15 children – I room 31.57 m2
14 children - II room 29.0 m2
11 children - III department hall, 22.0 m2
10 children - IV room 20.22m2
Playroom - V hall